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High Pressure Processing Cheese and Dairy Products

The application of high pressure in dairy products, inactivates microorganisms and significantly improves the shelf life of these products.

High pressure acts evenly over the entire product regardless of its shape and size, maintaining the integrity and initial volume of the product.


Packaging should be made of flexible materials to allow the compression of the product during processing (e.g., bottles, pouches, trays, tubs).

Industrially, high pressure is used in yoghurts, probiotic drinks, colostrum, cheese, sandwich fillings and milk.

Raw milk

  • Allows a safer manufacture of mature cheese from raw milk

  • Eliminates harmful microorganisms

  • Creation of sub-products with innovative textures and flavours

  • The nutritional quality of the raw milk is not affected


  • Preserves the functionality of the bioactive components (heat sensitive)


  • Creation of new textures

  • Extended shelf life

  • Eliminates the post acidification due to a reduction in the metabolic activity of Lactobacillus


  • Creation of new textures

  • Improvement of the maturation process

  • Cold pasteurisation of cheese

  • Inactivation of microorganisms and pathogens


  • Manufacture of acidified drinks

  • Fresh flavour

  • Better food safety

Sauces and fillings

  • The flavour of the ingredients is maintained

  • Improvement in the sensory and nutritional qualities

  • The emulsifying properties are respected

  • Extended shelf life

The shelf life of these products is 3 to 10 times longer than non-pressurised products subjected to the same storage conditions.


Eliminating the presence of yeasts, moulds and lactic bacteria, maintains, therefore, the sensory quality.

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