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High Pressure Processing Ready Meals

The pressurisation of ready meals allows the development of healthier products tailored to the needs of current customers, whilst at the same time increasing food safety.


High pressure acts evenly over the entire product regardless of its shape and size, maintaining the integrity and initial volume of the product.


Packaging should be made of flexible materials to allow the compression of the product during processing.


Products processed by high pressure that can be found in the market include, chicken salad, roast chicken, ratatouille, gazpacho, guacamole, prawns with vegetables, pre-cooked hake fillets and dips.

Benefits of high pressure processing ready meals:


  • The pressurisation is instantaneous and uniform on the different components of the dish (meat or fish, carbohydrates, vegetables and / or others)

  • Reduces the retrogradation of starch

  • Eliminates heat pasteurisation

  • Maintains the freshness of a freshly cooked dish

  • Maintains the fresh and natural flavour of the ingredients

  • Maintains the true flavour of seafood and vegetables

  • Inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms (e.g., Vibrio and Anisakis in seafood, and Listeria in meat)

  • Allows salt and additives to be reduced for a more natural product

  • Allows the use of a “clean label” (free of artificial products) without affecting the shelf life

  • Extends the shelf life and food safety of the product

Another application of this technology is the creation of new textures.

Traditionally, food ingredients are included in the formulation and subjected to heat treatment to thicken or form gels.


However, some of these ingredients can also be gelatinised under pressure, without being subjected to temperature.


This type of gelatinization allows to improve and create new recipes, launching in to the market more attractive products to the consumer.

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