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High Pressure Processing Distribution and Food Service


Our Partners and advisors Oakland International’s Irish base is in Ashbourne, Co. Meath which is only minutes away from HPP Tolling, so there are no transport logistics problems.

Food distribution chains and the food service industry also benefit from the application of this technology because they can:


  • ​Achieve an improvement in the safety of the products.


  • Reduce losses and reach a wider geographical market thanks to the longer shelf life of the product.


  • Protect the value of their brand.


  • Help reduce deterioration and product losses.

In addition to their excellent distribution service the co-packing service provided by Oakland is further evidence of the quality service they provide the food and beverage industry. 


Oakland International food distribution service delivers into all the Retailers, Convenience, Discounters and food service outlets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Spar, Iceland, Asda, Co-op, Aldi, Nisa, Londis.


Our refridgerated and ambient temperature distribution service is not soley focused on transporting producers and consumer good to the UK and Ireland they also transport to and from Europe including Germany and France.


What does Oakland offer?


  • Competitive transport rates across the UK, Ireland Europe and worldwide for ambient, chilled and frozen requirements.


  • Dedicated transport daily to the UK.


  • Dedicated, regular transport to the UK, daily.


  • Home and sample chilled deliveries via our nippy courier box or standard courier service.


  • Reliable, specialist transport team at the end of the phone, who are dedicated for this area of your business.


  • Ability to deal with all temperature controlled transport.


  • Cross docking facilities 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  • Load rectification, POD and Pallet control, same day and next day courier service, groupage and home delivery/internet & order management.

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