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 At HPP Tolling we provide:


* An independent processor with no ties to any other food business.


* We are available to all producers.


* We do not have any exclusivity arrangements.


*  We are centrally located.


* Each Station will have the ability to treat up to 4 Tonne of product per hour.




The Advantages of using HPP Tolling

HPP Tolling massive benefits

The activities of our Business:


HPP Tolling is a company that offers the 700+ food and beverage production companies in Ireland the opportunity to use our HPP Technology to extend the shelf life and safety of their food, while eliminates all the bacteria’s in their products such as Salmonella, Listeria and e coli. The technology works by applying tremendously high levels of pressure through the medium of water to the already packaged food products after they have been placed in a high pressure chamber for treatment. 


HPP stands for High Pressure Processing, by using cold water and extreme pressure, we are able to kill all the harmful bacteria’s, yeasts, moulds and viruses in our foods. The process briefly consists of placing finished packed product (that has been prepared by our customers in their own factories) and loading it into cylindrical baskets (or canisters) which are then automatically moved into the high pressure chamber.


Next low pressure water is added to the chamber to evacuate all the air from the chamber, once the air has gone the chamber is then pressurised up to a possible level of 87,000psi using the water as a transfer medium, the pressurised water will treat all sides of the product simultaneously.


The desired level of pressure is maintained for the required duration which varied depending on the product; but is usually in the region of 2-4 minutes; both pressure and hold times are established after test samples have been evaluated and certified by a credible Food Lab. 


This process works on a cellular level, destroying the cell walls of harmful bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses while maintaining the foods original flavour and consistency.


This is achieved because the macular structure of the food is uniform, while the macular structure of Bacteria and viruses are not, this difference in physical form singles the bacteria and viruses out for destruction, while not affecting the food.


Food still maintains all its original flavour and consistency. By using HPP the addition of preservatives and flavouring can be eliminated resulting in clean label, high quality products which meet the ever increasing demands of today’s customer for safe and high quality food. In addition the process has the additional benefit of significantly extending the shelf life of the product treated by up to four times which opens up the possibility of new export markets for the food producers. 


HPP can also be used as an alternative to heat pasteurising, HPP delivers an equally if not improved result, as it eliminates all the bacteria’s such as Salmonella, Listeria and e coli, it also inactivates the spoilage orgasms and all relevant food borne pathogens, HPP will also significantly increasing shelf life of  products when compared to heat pasteurising.


With a HPP treated orange juices a shelf life of 90 days can be obtained while the juice itself will still maintains all the nutritional values and taste of the freshly squeesed juice

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