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High Pressure Processing Juice Drinks and Smoothies

High pressure in fruit and vegetable drinks, make it possible to obtain products with the sensory qualities of freshly prepared products, but with shelf lives at least 3 times longer.


This technology acts uniformly over the entire product regardless of its shape and size, maintaining the integrity and initial volume of the product.


The beverages are normally packaged in bottles or bags of flexible material to allow a slight compression of the product during the process, which is subsequently recovered.


Some of the pressurised products that can be found in the market include orange, apple, lemon, pomegranate and carrot juices, mango smoothies, coconut water and energy drinks.

The fresh taste kept during storage and the increasing of the shelf life without losing any nutritional value, gives these products an added value to the consumer.

Juices and smoothies

  • Preservation of the fresh flavour from production to consumption

  • Stabilisation of the colour through enzyme inactivation

  • The nutritional value is not affected

  • The product is 100% natural

  • The possibility to develop new product lines for children

  • Extended shelf life and increased food safety in refrigerated conditions


  • The functional properties of the drinks are not affected

  • Extended shelf life guaranteeing food safety

The high pressure reduces the microbial load by several orders of magnitude and is effective in the inactivation of yeasts, moulds, lactic acid and psychotropic bacteria.

HPP: The Technology Taking Cold-Pressed Juice To The Grocery Store
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