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Evolution Fresh Handcrafted Smoothies

Handcrafted Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies

After a successful pilot test in 2014, Evolution Fresh is expanding its presence in the $2.2 billion smoothie category with the launch of Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies, which are made with a proprietary, Greek nonfat yogurt created with Dannon and super-premium cold-pressed HPP juice made from powerhouse ingredients such as kale, spinach, carrot, strawberries and mango. The smoothies are available to order in three varieties:

  • Sweet Greens: A delicious vegetable-forward smoothie made from an assortment of green vegetables balanced with mango and banana, plus Greek nonfat yogurt. Greens have never been so approachable!

  • Strawberry: A unique take on the classic strawberry smoothie enhanced with apple and banana plus Greek nonfat yogurt.

  • Mango Carrot: A sweet, approachable mango smoothie with a twist of carrot, plus Greek nonfat yogurt.

Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies are made with simple ingredients, including cold-pressed 100 percent real fruit and vegetable juice blended with proprietary Greek nonfat yogurt. Each smoothie is free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors and flavors. The smoothies can be customized by adding fresh kale, protein powder or extra Greek yogurt for an additional boost of protein or nutrients. The suggested retail price for a 16 fl. oz. smoothie is $5.95. Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies are available now at more than 4,300 Starbucks locations including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Northern California and select Idaho Starbucks stores, as well as select Starbucks stores located inside grocery locations like Target, Albertsons / Safeway and Kroger across the nation. Find a complete list of Starbucks stores serving Evolution Fresh Smoothies here). These Starbucks “Licensed Stores” will lead the national launch of the Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies, addressing a customer need for delicious snacks in the afternoon, when grocery store traffic is highest.

More Evolution Fresh Greek Yogurt Products, Inspired by Dannon to Launch This Spring and Summer

The new product portfolio is the result of Evolution Fresh and Dannon’s collaboration to make delicious and simply designed offerings more widely accessible. The two companies worked together for two years to develop a proprietary Greek nonfat yogurt that is not only creamy, but is the perfect canvas for the fruit and vegetables used in these unique products. Without added flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, these products contain easily recognizable ingredients that consumers can feel good about.

With these products, Evolution Fresh and Dannon have been able to meet dual business objectives of increasing health and wellness options while also giving Americans the opportunity to enjoy yogurt, fruit and vegetables more frequently and in new ways. This product portfolio is also breakthrough because it provides greater access than before to specially crafted, mild Greek yogurt paired with delicious fruit and vegetables for millions of consumers through thousands of points of distribution.

New Greek Yogurt Parfaits at Starbucks Cafes

In an effort to provide nourishing options on the go, Evolution Fresh Greek Yogurt Parfaits, Inspired by Dannon will be available in 6,000 Starbucks Stores nationwide in May. The new Greek yogurt parfaits will be crafted from proprietary, creamy, Greek nonfat yogurt, artisan granola and real fruit. Bursting with vibrant ingredients, these Greek yogurt parfaits will be available year-round in Strawberry and Dark Sweet Cherry varieties, and seasonally with Fresh Berries and Honey options. The suggested retail price for one parfait ranges from $3.75 to $4.25.

New Fruit on the Bottom Greek Yogurts in Grocery Stores

This summer customers can look forward to bringing home new fruit on the bottom Greek nonfat yogurts available at grocery stores nationwide. Lovingly made without any added flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives, these fruit on the bottom yogurts combine proprietary, creamy, Greek nonfat yogurt with the delicious flavors of real fruit. With breakthrough clear packaging, consumers can easily see the high-quality craftsmanship and recognizable ingredients that go into each spoonful.

The four flavors include: Blueberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry Blackberry and Pineapple Passion Fruit. With the suggested retail price of $1.69, Evolution Fresh Greek yogurts, Inspired by Dannon will begin to roll out in select locations in May and are expected to be on shelves nationwide in July.

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